Gyrocompass Service

 A Gyrocompass service and annual maintenance are performed by authorized technicians. There are full gyrocompass system, Gyrosphere and Sensitive Elements in our stocks. Also there are Supporting Liquid, Service Kit and Electronic Card in our stock.

Anschutz Gyro Compass Systems, Gyrocompass Service

Standard 22 gyrocompass was designed as a modular system to meet customer requirements. The system consists of up to three gyro compasses and can include an operator unit and a distribution unit. Another gyrocompass, a magnetic compass, a satellite compass, and/or an external rate-of-turn gyro can be integrated as additional sensors. A wide range of accessories is available.

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Anschutz STD 4                    Anschutz STD 6                    Anschutz STD 12                    Anschutz STD 14

Anschutz STD 20  Gyrosphere                Anschutz Gyrostar                Anschutz STD 22 Gyrocompass

We can arrange Anschutz Gyro Compass Annual Maintenance. Our company works with authorized services in all its services.

Cplath and Sperry Marine Gyrocompass System Maintenance and Services

The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass is type approved in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) standards. In addition the system is approved to the High-Speed Craft Code and as a rate-of-turn sensor with an accuracy level that meets IMO-Standards.

NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyrocompass provides high performance and reliability with sophisticated gyro compass technology. In addition, to fulfil the main function as a heading sensor, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass offers many features that provide additional value and make day-to-day work easier.

Gyrocompass Annual Maintenance, Gyrosphere Service, Optical Gyrosphere Service, Container, Main Board, Bearing and Digital Repeater


C-Plath Navigat X  Gyrosphere   C-Plath Navigat 180     C-Plath Navigat II Gyrosphere    C-Plath Navigat III     C-Plath Navigat IX     Optical Gyrosphere 5000

Sperry SR120, SR130        Sperry SR140, SR180        Sperry SR220, MK-10       Sperry MK-20

We can arrange all model Gyro Compass Annual Inspection. Also we can arrange Shaft Encoder, Container, Belt, Main Board, Gyrosphere and Supporting Liquid for Gyrocompass system. Our company works with authorized services in all its services.

TOKIMEC – Tokyo Keiki Gyro Compass System

TG Series: TG-8000
These gyrocompasses employ a technique where the gyrosphere is suspended in liquid oil by suspension wires (TOKYO KEIKI method). They are mainly used in large ships.

ES Series: ES-110
The TOKYO KEIKI method is typified in this series which has been a worldwide best seller and is a mainstay in small and medium size vessels.

GM Series: GM20
This series is a compact version of the ES Series, and is chiefly used in small vessels.

TG 8000  Sensitive Element   TG 6000     TG 5000     TG 3000    ES-110     ES-140     ES-160     GM 20     GM 2


YOKOGAWA Gyro Compass System Service

A gyro compass is a heading sensor which continuously indicates the horizontal angle from true north to the ship’s fore and aft datum line.

CMZ900B Type  : This type is suitable for small vessels.

CMZ-900S Type : This type is suitable for all kinds of merchant vessels. Various types of signal outputs are available.

CMZ900-D Type : Features a highly reliable dual system configuration.