OSEMAR Shipping &Engineering Co

Osemar Marine Electronics Company

OSEMAR Shipping & Engineering (Osemar) is a renowned and dynamic company that is based in Istanbul, the industrial capital of Turkey.
OSE Shipping & Engineering provides ships and yatch electronic supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and electronic services. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels and any yatch industry especially.

OSE Shipping & Engineering is considered to be one among the leaders in marine supply, one that is reliable and professional and that serves at all Turkey ports , Belgium and European ports. If there is time for visa procedures, we can also provide service for other countries.

Our staff is working on full time basis, 24 hours a day to meet our clients’ demands and desires. We are proud to serve you while maintaining the necessary business ethics together with a high level of quality services, meanwhile we stay competitive.

We also arrange GMDSS Shore Base Maintenance, AIS Test, EPIRB Test and SSAS Test, Annual Overhaul of Gyrocompass, VDR/SVDR Annual Performance Test and C.o.C services.

We are sure you will be satisfield with the quality of OSE Shipping & Engineering’s goods and services.

Contact OSE Shipping & Engineering ( Osemar ) Service 24/7 to  info@osemar.com

Our company offers  on board and shore service in Turkey, Belgium and all European ports.