Marine Electronics spare parts can you purchased. There are zero and second hand materials in our store. Gyro Compass and Gyrosphere, GPS, AIS, BNWAS, Speed Log, Echosounder, X band Radar Magnetron and S band Radar Magnetron, Ecdis, VHF, MF-HF, Inmarsat, Mini-C, LRIT, SSAS, INM-C, Autopilot etc..

Marine Electronics Spare Parts

  • X-Band Radar Magnetron ( MG5473 – MG5424 – MG4010 – M5187F – MG5436  – M1568B – MSF1425B etc. )
  • S-Band Radar Magnetron ( MG5223 – MG5223F M1430 etc. )
  • Inmarsat Antenna, SSAS Antenna, LRIT Antenna, Navtex Antenna, VHF & MF-HF TX-RX & DSC Antenna
  • AIS GPS Antenna, AIS VHF Antenna, GPS Antenna, Weather Fax Antenna
  • RG213, RG214, RG58 Antenna Cables and All Data Cables
  • EPIRB & EPIRB Battery Kit
  • New SART/AIS SART & SART Battery Kit
  • GMDSS Emergency VHF & Emergency Battery Pack
  • HRU (Hydrostatic Release Unit) of EPIRB (H20E)
  • Acoustic Beacon & Acoustic Beacon Battery of VDR/SVDR Capsule
  • UPS Battery of VDR/SVDR Main Unit
  • Hatteland Display, LCD Monitor, All Display Unit
  • Gyrosphere, Gyro Container, New and Second Gyro System (Ansch├╝tz – C-Plath – Simrad – Tokimec )
  • Gyrocompass Supporting Fluid & Maintenance Kits
  • NMEA Data Distribution Unit & NMEA Data Converter Unit
  • New PCB Boards & Recondition PCB Boards
  • New Parts of Equipments & Recondition Parts of Equipments
  • Marine Electronics Services

You can contact us for all your spare parts needs. In addition, according to your request we can provide service for replacement parts.