Marine Electronics Service Turkey – Gyrocompass Annual Maintenance, Gyrosphere Replacement, X – S Band Radar Magnetron Replacement, GMDSS Radio Survey


Repair and maintenance of the communication systems are carried out by our authorized engineers and technician. We can make annual test of all GMDSS equipments. VHF, MF / HF, Inmarsat, Mini-C, SSAS, LRIT, Fleet Broadband, Iridium Openport, Navtex, AIS, GPS, Epirb, Sart, Weather Fax, GMDSS Printer, Navtex Printer

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Electronic cards can be purchased and spare parts. There are zero and second hand materials in our store.

Epirb, HRU, Battery, Sart, VDR Beacon, Vhf Antenna and Cable, X Band Radar Magnetron, Gps Antenna, NMEA Buffer, Gyrocompass Service Kit, S Band Radar Magnetron, Inmarsat Antenna, GMDSS Emergency VHF and Battery, Printer, Spare Anten Cable, Antenna Connectors, LCD and Hatteland Monitor, UPS Battery, VDR Battery,All Type Gyrosphere and Gyrocompass spare parts.

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  • GMDSS Radio Survey
  • GMDSS Shore Based Maintenance Certificate
  • EPIRB & SART Annual Test Certificate
  • AIS Annual Performance Test
  • VDR & SVDR Annual Performance Test
  • Gyro Compass Annual Maintenance
  • Radar Magnetron Replacement
  • SSAS System Commissioning and Test
  • LRIT Test
  • Marine Electronic Service
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GMDSS Radio inspection

Our company gives 7/24 service with expert staff on the ship and yatch electronics.

We are ready to provide the best service for your customer satisfaction.

We have fast marine electronics service in Belgium, Netherlands and Turkey.


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Marine Electronics Service Istanbul

Gyrocompass | Radar | Annual Inspection | Radio Survey | Software Update

Keep your electronic equipment running thanks to our repair services for navigation and communications systems. We offer a wide range of services including basic repair and overhaul, component remanufacture, and engineering services.

The Product’s List:

  • X Band and S Band Radar Systems
  • Ecdis, Basic Ecdis, Chart Radar, Wecdis Systems
  • Gyro Compass ( Gyro Annual Maintenance, Gyrosphere Replacement, All Spare Parts)
  • Autopilot ( Feedback, Interfaces, Display Unit )
  • AIS System ( AIS Display, Transponder, GPS Antenna, Vhf Antenna, Cable)
  • GPS System ( Display, Position Sensor, Antenna and Cable)
  • Echosounder ( 50kHz – 200kHz Tranducer, Display and Signal Box)
  • SpeedLog  ( Sensor Unit, Amplifier Unit, Display Unit)
  • VHF – MFHF System ( Antenna Cable, TX-RX Antenna, DSC Antenna, Transceiver)
  • INMARSAT C, MINI-C System (Data Terminal, Transceiver, Orginal Cable, Keyboard, Floopy Driver, SDCARD)
  • SSAS, LRIT System ( Alarm Button, Test Button, Antenna Unit, Display Unit)
  • Fleet System ( Fleet 77 , Broadband, NERA, Iridium, Open Port)
  • EPIRB ( Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) ( Epirb Battery, Hydrostatic Release Unit – HRU)
  • SART ( Search and Resque Transponder) ( Battery Kit)
  • NAVTEX Receiver ( Navtex Printer, Active Antenna, Passive Antenna, Antenna Cable)
  • Voyage Data Recorder ( VDR – SVDR ) ( VDR Battery, Beacon, Microphone, Audio and Video Module)

About Us

Marine Electronics

Gyrocompass Annual Inpection, Radar Magnetron Replacement, GMDSS Radio Survey, Radar gps ais echosounder vhf navtex and inmarsat system 

Marine Electronic Service Company OSE Shipping & Engineering Co is a renowned and dynamic company that is based in Istanbul, the industrial capital of Turkey. 
OSE Shipping & Engineering provides ships and yacht electronic supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and electronic services. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels and any yacht industry especially.

OSEMAR is considered to be one among the leaders in marine supply, one that is reliable and professional and that serves at all Turkey ports.

Our staff is working on full time basis, 24 hours a day to meet our clients’ demands and desires. We are proud to serve you while maintaining the necessary business ethics together with a high level of quality services, meanwhile we stay competitive: We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality of OSE Shipping & Engineering’s goods and services

Gyrcompass, Gyrosphere, Radio Survey, X Band Radar, S Band Radar, Echosounder, Speedlog, VHF, MF-HF, Inmarsat, Mini C, Epirb, Sart, Magnetron, HRU, Battery, Marine Battery

Marine Electronics

OSEMAR Marine Electronics Services istanbul / Turkey

Our vision is to be a worldwide brand in marine services that ensures complete customer satisfaction.


Marine Electronic Service OSEMAR Shipping & Engineering creates value with an integrated approach to design, installation, support and maintenance of marine navigation and equipment systems.

Devoting ourselves to our client’s expectations, we connect outstanding people and resources to develop innovative, cost-efficient and on time and sustainable projects across the globe.

We invest in sustainable partnerships based on trust, open communication and a pro-active attitude.

Our Market

Marine Electronic Service Company in Turkey / Istanbul / TR

OSE Marine Electronic Service has the capability to server wide range of markets. From commercial marine vessels to workboats and navy ships, we are able to supply all your required equipment for the navigation, communication and automation systems for different vessels.

Gyrocompass | Radar | Annual Inspection | Radio Survey | 

Gyrocompass Annual Inspection in Turkey, Belgium, Nedherland

Gyro compass Annual Maintenance in istanbul – Mersin – izmir – Adana – iskenderun – Aliaga – Tuzla – Gemlik – Derince

Marine Electronics service, repair and inspection, Main board (Master PCB), Shaft Encoder, Container, Gyrosphere replacement, Optical Type Gyrocompass, magnetron replacement for Radar, vhf antenna, gps antenna and display, ais transponder, epirb, sart, gmdss two way vhf, HRU



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Marine Electronics Service in Turkey

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