Radar Magnetron

We have zero Radar Magnetron for all brand and model radars in stock. You can contact us for Radar Magnetron replacement procedures. Also we have trigger pcb, modulator, power supply, receiver pcb, input pcb, frontend, performance monitor, radar processor, hatteland display, antenna reflektor, antenna case, radar video pcb, radar processor pcb, motherboard, graphic card, Scan Convertor, SC2 PCB, SC3 PCB, SC4 PCB, PICO, X Band Antenna motor, S band Antenna motor and gearbox interswitch, Ais connection module in stock.

Sperry Marine VMFT X Band Radar Magnetron 10kw EEV MG5473

Sperry Marine VMFT X Band Radar Magnetron 25kw EEV MG5424

Sperry Marine VMFT S Band Radar Magnetron 30kw EEV MG5223

Furuno X  Band Radar 10kW Magnetron MG4010

Furuno S Band Radar 30kW Magnetron EEV MG5223F

JRC X Band Radar 10kW Magnetron MSF1425B

JRC X Band Radar 25kW Magnetron M1568B(J)

JRC S Band Radar 30 kW Magnetron M1302L

Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT Radar Magnetron – VisionMaster FT X Band and Visionmaster FT S Band Magnetron Replacement

Sperry Marine BME Radar Magnetron – Bridge Master E 10kw – Bridge Master E 25KW

Furuno 2117 Antenna Modulator, X Band antenna Trigger, VMFT Trigger PCB, VMFT Power Supply PCB, VMFT Processor Unit, Hatteland Display Unit

  • BRIDGEMASTER 180 25kW MG5424 B3LT1668  
  • BRIDGEMASTER 250 10kW MG5473 B3LT1669
  • BRIDGEMASTER 250 25kW MG5424 B3LT1668
  • BRIDGEMASTER E 10kW MG5473 B3LT1669
  • BRIDGEMASTER E 25kW MG5424 B3LT1668
  • BRIDGEMASTER E 30kW MG5223 B3LT1018
  • BLACKBOX MKV 10kW MG5241 B3LT1649
  • MANTA MKV 10kW MG5241 B3LT1649
  • MANTA MKIV 25kW MG5424 B3LT1649
  • MANTA MKVI 30kW MG5223 B3LT1014
  • MANTA MKVII 25kW MG5424 B3LT1649
  • MANTA MKVII 30kW MG5223 B3LT1014
  • NUCLEUS 1 5kW MG5232/MG4006 B3LT1610
  • NUCLEUS 1 10kW MG5241 B3LT1610
  • NUCLEUS 1 25kW MG5437
  • NUCLEUS 1 30kW MG5223 B3LT894
  • NUCLEUS 5/6000 MKV 10kW MG5241 B3LT1649
  • NUCLEUS 5/6000 MKIV 25kW MG5437 B3LT1649
  • NUCLEUS 5/6000 MKVI 30kW MG5223 B3LT1014
  • NUCLEUS 5/6000 MKVII 25kW MG5424 B3LT1649
  • NUCLEUS 5/6000 MKVII 30kW MG5223 B3LT1014
  • JMA8613 MG5267 JMA9100 M1568B/MG5436
  • JMA9110 MG4010 JMA9122-6XA M1568B/MG5436
  • JMA9123 MG5223 JMA9132-SA MG5223
  • JMA9133-SA M1555/MG5223 TL378A
  • JMA9252 MG5264 B3LT1697 JMA9253 MG5264 B3LT1697
  • JMA9303 MG5223 JMA9503 2J55 JMA9733 MG5223
    JMA9822-XA MG5264 B3LT1697 JMA9823 MG5264
    JMA9832-SA MG5223 JMA9833-SA MG5223
    JMA9853-XA MG5264 JMA9922(X) M1568B/MG5436B
    JMA9923 M1568B/MG5436B JMA9932FSA MG5223
  • JMA5103 MG5232/MG4006 JMA5104 MG5248/MG4004 B3LT1610
  • JMA5106 MG5232/MG4006 B3LT1610 JMA5110 MG5241 B3LT1610 JMA5210 MG4010
    JMA5310 MG5241 B3LT1610 JMA5312/6/6HS MG4010
    JMA5320 M1568B/MG5436B B3LT1649 JMA5322 7/9 M1568B/MG5436B JMA5330 MG5223
  • FR-2115/BB MG5241F B3LT1610 FR-2117 MG4010
    FR-2120 M5187F B3LT1649 FR-2120W M5187F B3LT1697 FR-2125/BB MG5436 B3LT1649
  • FR-2832S MG5223F FR-2835S/SW MG5223F
    FR-2852X M4505E B3LT1697 FR-2855W M4505E B3LT1697 FR-2862S MG5240F
  • FR-8111 MG4010 B3LT1616 FR-8122 MG4010
    FR-8250D/DA M5187F B3LT1649 FR-8251 M5187F B3LT1649 FR-8252 MG5436
  • FAR2117/BB/DC MG4010
    FAR2127/BB/DC MG5436 RU9290 FAR2137S/12 & SBB/12 MG5223F
    FAR2157 9M31 FAR2167DS MG5240F FAR2817 MG4010
    FAR2825-W M5187F FAR2827 MG5436 FAR2835S/9 – S/12 – SW/12 MG5223F
    FAR2837S/12 MG5223F FAR2855 M4505E FAR2862 MG5240
    FCR-901 MG5251/MG4004 B3LT1610 FCR-902 MG5251/MG4004 B3LT1610 FCR-903 MG5251/MG4004 B3LT1610 FCR-904 MG5248/MG4004 B3LT1610 FCR-1000 MG5241F
    FCR-1010 MG5251/MG4004 FCR-1030 MG5251/MG4004 FCR-1040 MG5248/MG4004 FCR-1040MKII MG5232F/MG4006 FCR-1100 MG5241F B3LT1616 FCR-1401/A 9M502/MG4006 B3LT1610
Sperry X Band EEV MG5424 - EEV MG5473

X Band Radar Magnetron

Sperry S Band Magnetron EEV MG5223

S Band Radar Magnetron